Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Little hands are not a worry

My little guy pulled my coffee cup off the coffee table yesterday - don't worry, the coffee wasn't hot! I had a nice big coffee spill on my cream colored carpet. Then, my little guy crawled through the coffee spill, making it sink into the carpet and spread around!

I grabbed my Sol-U-Mel and a rag. I sprayed the potential stain with Sol-U-Mel, and cleaned up the stain. Then I noticed another dried food stain in the carpet. I cleaned that up too!

The whole time, my little guy was in the living room crawling around and I wasn't worried. In the past I would have used some chemical cleaning product and would have moved my little guy into another room, and kept him out of the living room for a while so that he wouldn't crawl into the the wet spot on the carpet. But, not this time!! My little guy could crawl through the wet area and I didn't care. Sol-U-Mel doesn't leave me worried about him getting chemicals into his mouth!!

Waahoo... a potential worry is not gone! Crawl around little guy, I don't care, you will be safe in our house!

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