Thursday, May 3, 2012

Who Would Have Thought?!?!

Who would have thought that there were so many things you could do with so few products? I recently bought this book and am continually amazing by what you can do with Melaleuca products! This book (written by a Melaleuca fan) is full of different uses for basic products. Who knew you could use Pre-Spot to get rid of ants? I didn't...but you can bet that I'm going to try it on the ant hill growing next to my walk way!! Stay tuned for how it goes...
Own a farm? There is a whole chapter on farm animals and how you can use Melaleuca products to help you with your animals. Same thing for horses, and dogs & cats - whole chapters on each!

There are chapters on Healthy Bodies and Healthy Home.
 Have the flu? There's a solution! 
How about ingrown toenails, lice, hot flashes or an anal fissure? Yup...who knew...there are Melaleuca solutions for those too!!!!
And you can clean every square inch of your home (inside and out) with these products!!
Love it!

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  1. Yep. It is a amazing what Melaleuca Alternifolia can give the world, that the world still doesn't know about. That is why I built my website. To teach people the benefits of Melaleuca.